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Ending voter and candidate exclusion.

The Public Ballot: A Republican alternative to real election reform.

The public ballot proposal is not election reform – it’s exactly the opposite. The public ballot proposal perpetuates and safeguards the major party primaries as private political party functions. In spite of claims to the contrary, there is no attempt to eliminate voter or candidate exclusion. It’s a sham.

The “Hybrid Primary” – no voter should ever receive a blank primary ballot.

The hybrid primary is an open Top-Four “qualifying” election – all voters and candidates are allowed to participate, and only the top four candidates advance to the general election. Unlike a “simple” Top-Four however, the hybrid primary uses a two-stage vote tally to incorporate the closed major-party “nominating” elections.

Exclusion:Too many voters can’t participate in the presidential primary.

A closed primary is a private election, limited to affiliated party members, who must declare their party affiliation in order to participate. All unaffiliated voters are excluded. All unaffiliated candidates are excluded.